About The Brand

Our Mission 

We, at Nosara Skin, are openly and emphatically committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on the environment, community, and beauty industry through Eco-friendly products and practices



Our Story

Judy and Barbara, mother and daughter entrepreneurs here 👋🏾 and we are Nosara Skin.

Over the years, we’ve both struggled with common skin problems that have troubled so many others, like melasma, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Looking for the best way to treat our skin, we tried just about every product under the sun without realizing the long-term effects most of them would have on our Earth and our skin.

We found some products, but realized they weren’t so great for the environment. Then, we found Eco-friendly products that kind of worked, but we couldn’t help but notice a clear lack of diversity here. Women of color have such unique skin care needs, and yet, there were so few within the community.

That is why we created Nosara Skin - clean, non-toxic, and all around sustainable skincare. 

Our intention is to bring diversity to the clean beauty community with products that are formulated for us, by us.

While diversity is crucial to our mission, we wouldn’t be a clean beauty company without the clean! Our primary eco-focus is water conservation. You may not realize it, but the beauty industry is responsible for a large percentage of water-waste. 

Our products are made using only the minimum necessary amount of water. So many products use water as a filler, but we wanted to show the world that products can be just as effective without the wasted water.

Responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. Because of this, we believe it’s important to give back in whatever way we can - to the environment, to our community, and to women of color.