9 Reasons to Use Natural Makeup Remover

How often do you wash your face?

Do you use a makeup remover before bedtime or just rely on the shampoo and soap in the shower to take care of it for you?

Some people don't like washing their face because they feel that it can strip their skin of natural oils, or even irritate dry patches. Though these are legitimate concerns, there are simple and natural ingredients at home you can use to avoid skin irritations.

To find out what those are, make sure to read this article!

Why is it important to clean and remove your makeup?

Removing your makeup every night is a great way to take care of your skin. Not only does it give you the opportunity to moisturize, but it also eliminates the risk of breakouts and other skin problems.

By washing away the dirt, impurities, or cosmetics from your face, removing your makeup allows your face to replace dead skins with new and healthy skin cells through exfoliation. This results in a fresher and glowing complexion the next morning!

Why use a natural makeup remover?

Do you have any bad experiences with conventional makeup removers? If so, you may want to consider using a natural makeup remover instead. With this, you don’t have to worry about any artificial or harmful chemicals that may damage your skin.

Here are some reasons and benefits on why you should opt to use a natural makeup remover instead:

1. Removes acne-causing substances from the skin

Like the conventional products, organic makeup removers can also remove acne-causing substances from the skin - minus the harsh and harmful chemicals of course!

Oil cleansers that can be made with organic oils such as olive oil, sweet orange oil, and macadamia oil are best used in acne-prone skins since they contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Will it really work? Doesn’t oil cause more buildup on the skin? On the contrary, oil cleansers will remove substances that can cause acne from the skin.

2. Suitable for sensitive skin

Most of the ingredients found in artificial products could be harsh to some people, especially to those with sensitive skin. 

A more natural alternative you can use for sensitive skin is micellar water. Not only will it draw out dirt from the skin, but will also keep your skin hydrated.

Try to remember though that micellar water works best with light makeup, but may not be as effective on excessively oily skin.

3. Doesn’t strip the natural oil

Our body contains what we call sebaceous glands. It produces an oily and waxy substance called sebum which is responsible for coating, moisturizing, and protecting our skin.

Now, some makeup remover products strip away our natural oil due to its strong chemicals. However, organic products such as coconut, olive, and castor can wipe away dirt and makeup, without stripping the skin of its sebum.

4. Doesn’t irritate the eyes

The skin around your eyes is more sensitive and delicate than other parts of your face therefore it has to be treated with more care.

Organic cleansers that contain a mix of ingredients like orange oil, olive oil, and green tea are the best makeup remover for your eyes due to their non-irritating, non-toxic and skin-rejuvenating components.

6. Prevents skin irritation

To prevent further damage to your skin, going natural is the best way to avoid any physical or chemical irritation.

Cleansing wipes is one of the most convenient and easiest ways of removing makeup. Already pre-soaked, all you have to do is to wipe the sheets across your face and you’re done.

Usually containing natural oils like coconut, organic wipes can get rid of all the makeup without exposing your skins to toxins thus preventing skin irritations.

6. Keeps skin hydrated

If you are worried about keeping your skin hydrated, don’t worry, organic products got your back.

Jojoba oil is a natural ingredient you can use if you have dry skin. Not only are they a good substitute for liquid cosmetic removers, but they can also easily moisturize your skin.

Secondly, this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness in dry skin and also has antimicrobial properties responsible for preventing the growth of bacteria.

Just put a few drops of unrefined jojoba oil onto your face and gently massage it. Wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth before rinsing it off with water to complete the process.

7. No preservatives

One of the perks in choosing natural products is that they don’t contain any preservatives. Other conventional removers out there consist of preservatives that are harmful and could cause irritation.

In worse cases, some artificial cosmetic products even include parabens which are preservatives that have been proved by multiple studies to encourage the growth of cancerous cells.

8. Promotes growth of skin tissue and new skin cells

Castor oil is an excellent exfoliator and promotes the growth of skin tissue due to its fatty acids. Not only do they remove bacteria that can cause pimples but this ingredient can also result in healthier skin and even skin tone.

Products with sweet almond oil, on the other hand, contain vitamin A which encourages the production of new skin cells. Regularly using this can make your face look younger by giving you softer skin and reducing any facial scars.

9. You can make your own mixture

Organic makeup removers are a great way to avoid putting chemicals on your skin. Do you know what else is good for you? Makeup removers that are made at home! This can be really affordable and environmentally friendly as well!

You can even choose what ingredient to use that works best with your skin type. Be careful though to not overdo it and research first on what products are safe to apply on your face.

Final thoughts

The best part about natural removers is that they are non-toxic and free of any potentially harmful chemicals. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking out or having a reaction like some people experience with conventional makeup remover products. 

If you feel your skin has suffered from the effects of using traditional, chemical-based makeup removal products in the past, it may be time to switch gears and give natural ones a try. There are so many great options available today; just look for one that suits your needs!

Start by swapping out those old cosmetics for something more sustainable this weekend - we think you'll love them as much as we do!